“Toute grande histoire commence par un petit pas”

The seed of our brand germinates in the emblematic 11th arrondissement of the city. The elegance in the boulevards, the urban style of their inhabitants, the sophisticated art galleries, the bustling cafés and the ecological consciousness in the stores reside in this former industrial district.

The European lifestyle and respect for the environment awakened a desire in us: to fight against social and economic inequality in Latin America from a sustainable approach.

This is how our your Saman shoes were born.

Unemployment, social inequity, violence and everything that darkens the beauty of our Colombian landscapes is an open old wound we want to heal.

For this, we empower local industry and improve the quality of life in our region, by establishing our artisan workshop in Cali, Colombia, the city where we were born.

Saman sneakers are made from vegan leather, natural rubber and recycled cotton. Also, the shoe box is made from sugar cane.

Local and eco-friendly materials crafted by Colombian hands that encourage the care for the environment.

The "s" of SAMAN 

The Saman tree is one of the most important and native trees of Latin America, which predominates in Colombia. It is a symbol of biodiversity and of our centuries-old culture.

In honour to our roots, we named this project as this sacred tropical tree.

Sustainable, Artisanal, Meaningful, Authentic and Natural: all this in your SAMAN vegan sneakers.