Our philosophy is reducing social inequality with a green consciousness approach. To keep aligned with our environmental values, we have carefully selected the best local and sustainable materials with which we handcraft your SAMAN sneakers.

Eco-friendly materials

Natural rubber in your soles

SAMAN sneakers soles are made from natural rubber, produced in the eastern region of Colombia (Meta, Vichada and Santander). This region is known to be home to the biggest source of natural rubber in Latin America. 

Natural rubber is obtained from a white substance called latex, which is extracted from the rubber tree. Lightweight, resistant and biodegradable, natural rubber replaces polluting plastic-derived materials such as PVC or EVA, which are widely used in the footwear industry.

Shoelaces made from recycled cotton

We use recycled cotton to manufacture the laces of your vegan shoes.

In the cotton recycling process, the cloths are first sorted by color. Secondly, the fabric is shredded to obtain the cotton fibers. Finally, those fibers are re-spun into SAMAN shoelaces.

Since our shoelaces do not contain new cotton but recycled cotton instead, the environmental benefits are multiple, including: reduced CO2 emissions, water savings in production, and facing down monoculture and fertilizers usage.

SAMAN shoelaces are produced in the city of Cali, Colombia, to promote local employability and reduce transport-related CO2 emissions. 

And since every detail is important...

Your shoebox is biodegradable

Chemical-free and made from sugarcane bagasse, your shoebox is environmentally friendly and represents your first eco-contact with SAMAN!

Bagasse is an organic waste resulting from the production of sugar cane. Our boxes are 100% made from this material, known to be biodegradable and not requiring any chemical bleaching.

And as if that were not enough, our boxes are handmade by a traditional family-owned company, located in the city of Cali, Colombia.
Bagazo de caña