Isabella Habid's Saman white sneakers

Isabella Habid, fashion blogger and Saman lover, tells us about her fantastic experience with our vegan sneakers.

Fall in love with her outfits with Saman white sneakers!

Autmn vibes

My everyday shoes

"I remember the day the brand was launched. I immediately empathized with the green and social values that the brand stands for. The Saman white sneakers are my everyday shoes, so you can guess how much I love them!

Monochromatic outfit

Casual and easy to combine

Isa explains, "They're so casual, they match with any outfit! Plus, I love their cute designs. I wear them with every outfit I can think of. These unisex white sneakers can be combined in a thousand ways".

Cute sets & long socks

Comfy from the start!

Since Isabella received her pair of SAMAN white sneakers in June 2022, she has had no complaints about the resistant and comfortable quality of our vegan sneakers.

With a smile, she adds: "I'm impressed by how comfortable they are, how I can walk long distances without feeling any pain. And by long, I mean extremely long distances".


Black Sunday Look


Backless dress

Many thanks for sharing your experience with us, Isabella. We wish you keep enjoying your Saman Sonatta shoes on your long walks.

Isabella Habid

Fashion blogger - inspiration & lifestyle