Sustainably and Ethically crafted sneakers

Being better for the planet and people around us are our first priorities. 

Have a look at this video about how your Saman vegan sneakers are crafted with care and love by talented local artisans based in Cali, Colombia.  

Without their wisdom, love and attention to detail, SAMAN would be nothing today.

This exciting project would not exist either without your support and interest in reducing social inequality and environmental impact.

Our social commitment

To keep aligned with the local economic development, we create job opportunities that ensure dignity and safety in the workplace for the wellbeing of our artisans. 

At SAMAN, we work to reduce social inequalities. Our team is composed of single mothers and household heads, young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods, and senior citizens. We guarantee them a decent salary, as well as good safety conditions in their work environment.

We also care about wealth distribution as one of our principles. Our goal: bringing the best sustainable sneakers to the world to create job opportunities in our region.